Pyamp is a recursive acronym for Pyamp: yet another music player
As its name may imply, Pyamp is a music player. In fact, it is just a music player.

What it supports: What it avoids: What it lacks:
  • mp3/ogg/wav playback
  • customizable playlist editor
  • shuffle/repeat/target modes
  • system tray docking
  • song changed popup
  • incremental search
  • drag-and-drop
  • dcop interface
  • konqueror integration
  • UTF-8
  • file management
  • I know where my songs are and I name them properly
  • id3tag display/editing
  • I never use ID3 tag. Filename is sufficient for me
  • visualization effect
  • I listen with my ears only, except when listening to my girl friend
  • custom skinning
  • I like my KDE theme
  • translation
  • music streaming
  • playback for more formats
  • plugin architecture
  • complete documentation


Additional Notes

Please read the "Additional Notes" section in the README file for more information and hidden tricks!